What fee’s do you charge?

Our fee’s are no secret, our first consultation is free and once we set to work our base fee is $80.00 per hour +gst.

How is any consultation or project charged?

We generally charge by the hour, more complex projects are by negotiation.

Im not happy with the efficiency of my warehouse, where do we start?

Not an uncommon problem, “forest for the tree’s” situation. We usually start with an on-site consultation, coffee and a chat around some of your concerns. This is an initial free consultation to get the ball rolling.

I have a warehouse manager, why do I need a consultant?

Simple answer is you shouldn’t need a consultant, but there are varying levels of expertise that are sometimes required to ensure the operation runs to its maximum efficiency.

What happens when Im happy to proceed?

We obviously need to get to know your operation a little, this does depend on the complexity of your business, issues, structure, staffing etc, we will spend an agreed amount of time within your warehouse and distribution operation, discussing the challenges with your self or delegated members of your team to understand the concerns.

How are any recommendations presented?

Any recommendations, improvements or opportunities to improve will be presented in report format, practical examples worked through and explained.

I don’t have time to implement complex improvements, I just need it done.

No problem, happy to discuss options, implementation, staff training etc.

Do you endorse any companies within the logistics field?

Definitely not. We do not endorse any other companies, we work independently and receive no benefits or cash backs from any business or organisation.

What are your payment terms?

Like your business we rely on cash flow… terms are 7 days from our first contracted date.