The new health and safety at work act 2015 does impose an active duty on those in a governance role to proactively manage workplace health and safety. The new laws will impose a due diligence role on officers and directors with regard to health and safety. 
There are significant potential penalties under the new legislation – fines for Officers of a PCBU of up to $300,000 and/or up to 5 years’ imprisonment and up to $3m for a PCBU which is a body corporate. 

Credit: WorkSafe NZ

Effective health and safety management for warehousing and logistics will involve looking at the risks that arise from your warehouse and logistics activities and then putting sensible health and safety measures in place to suitably control them. This will enable your business to not only protect its employees and members of the public from harm, but also to help protect your premises, goods, equipment and reputation. 

So how can Logistics Consult Ltd help? 

By analysing your work activities our health and safety in warehousing and logistics consultants will be able to ensure that all the necessary control measures, maintenance procedures, monitoring, and provision of all the relevant health and safety information, instruction and training are being implemented. 

Typical services our health and safety consultants provide include: 

  • Undertaking risk assessments of the warehousing and road haulage activities that you undertake.
  • Undertaking inspections of the warehouse giving particular consideration to your workplace transport arrangements.
  • Ensure that employees are undertaking regular visual inspections of forklift trucks and delivery vehicles.
  • Racking inspections.
  • Ensuring that all relevant vehicles and lifting equipment are subject to any relevant statutory inspections and routine maintenance, and that all the relevant safety features are in place.

At Logistics Consult we want to provide guidance and instruction for employers and employees who run and work within your warehouse and distribution. Our intention is to help you manage your own health and safety arrangements in safer, healthier and more proactive ways. 

Quality, productivity, commitment and culture can all flourish in a safe working environment. By being able to demonstrate that risks are being managed and failure is minimised, then business reputation is enhanced, providing marketing opportunities and improving success in making sales, and securing tenders and contracts in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

But the benefits don’t end there. Good health and safety practices also protect your organisation from the cost of lost time, litigation, fines, and the possible loss of reputation and customers. They also help demonstrate that you care for your workforce and customers, by promoting improved safety, morale and trust. 

Safety Health Check

Logistics Consult can assist with the formulation of your health and safety management policies and procedures. An appointment can be arranged for our Health and Safety consultant to undertake a free review of your organisations policies and procedures in order to formulate a suitable action plan for addressing any health and safety issues that your organisation may need assistance with. 

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