80% of your staff will not steal from you, 10% of your staff will steal from you, and 10% could steal from you given the right oppourtunity.

One key area within your business that is not always a focus, is the area of security.

Nothing can diminish your bottom line profits quicker than theft from your warehouse or distribution network, from both internal and external individuals.

Warehouse security both internally and externally needs constant review and vigilance to ensure you are safe guarded against the increasing amount of theft not only warehousing is experiencing but more so in the retail market.

For Tony, after years in the Police –  ensuring warehouse and distribution security, weeding out the thieves that work with us and the challenges of putting in place robust process’s and procedure’s to remove the oppourtunity of theft is a No1 focus.

  • Are you experiencing unexplained stock losses?
  • Do you have staff starting and/or finishing at odd hours with access to the warehouse?
  • Do you have CCTV but never the time to actually watch any footage, or not even sure what footage you should be looking at?
  • Are your despatch staff and delivery drivers good mates?
  • Do you have adequate control around when people are clocking in Vs actually starting work or being at work?
  • Is your warehouse secure from your staff car-park?
  • Have you asked the right questions and made the right checks before hiring your warehouse team?

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